Is 2020 worse than Hitler?

Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, World War 1, European colonialism; the list of people and things anyone can criticize is short. But 2020 is now on that list. It seems unfair, 2020 never did anything wrong. 2020 probably dislikes the coronavirus as much as anybody and is unlikely to have been consulted in any restrictive protocols. A year only exists to approximate the time it takes the earth to revolve around the sun and 2020 did that. It can’t be held responsible for what happens on Earth’s surface. Should probably blame 1942 for the Second World War too.

Natural sound is worth import, simplicity for a crafted hand.

Sounds, like all sensations, blend into the background if we hear them too often. The sensations that inspire us most will be those that we rarely experience, but that is not to say that experiences familiar to us will not present a unique experience to another. Think of the scenes that you know well, revisit these scenes to discover new sensations.


I’ve had this site for a while now, much longer than I realised, but I recently decided it would be nice to have a site where people can have a look at my work and that I at least should visit it regularly. I think the stories are pretty good, but if you don’t agree that’s fine. If you want to check them out it’s free!