Life in the margins

I recently took part in a really great focus group to help Ataxia UK with their work. The charity does excellent work in supporting people living with Ataxia throughout the UK. Ataxia is rare medical condition that affects muscle co-ordination and balance, among other things. It’s also a medical condition that I have. It’s been a tough year for people heavily reliant on medical services. With cancelled appointments and difficulties getting help it’s easy for a disabled person to feel marginalised.

            Earlier today I read a news story that revealed that people in Northern Ireland were unable to get the funds they need to survive. It seems this is example of problem people with medical conditions could do without, allowing people to feel that even if they speak up. Charities like Ataxia UK would have less work if governments took greater care of their margins.

On peaceful nights when Cicadas hum and crackle only insects’ cry

Slightly different way of writing that listening to natural is a good way to increase well-being. This week one of my stories was published by the Galway Review. The Sceptre and her journey back to her coronation. If you want to read more it’s in the stories section of this website.