Meaning well, doing badly.

Most people should know about that link between biodiversity and nature, that a greater number of species indicates a healthier environment. Not just lots of different species either, the diversity usually given by large populations is important too.

Usually. But if a population becomes small, like with rare species, and then recovers it may never recover the biodiversity it has lost. I’ve studied many animals like cheetahs, wolves and dugongs that have suffered from inbreeding as a result of this problem.

 The problem has come from many unexpected sources too. Large amounts of renewable energy are generated by hydro-electric plants dotted around the Baltic Sea. That undoubtedly is a good thing, unless you happen to be a Salmon trying to find a river to spawn. So the size of the population has dwindled, and releasing to domestic stocks hasn’t helped in the way in fact it was thought.

It seems that the diversity of wild stocks is greater, and that genetic banks aren’t as effective as maintaining existing populations.

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