Over the Line?

The UN have proclaimed June 8th as world ocean day, and with good reason. The oceans are a vital part of world ecosystem, there would be no life on earth without them. 20% of species on Earth could be found at sea, and as a carbon sink they could play a pivotal role in mitigating climate change.

Probably the most famous group of marine and freshwater animals is the Cetaceans; the mammals who went back to life at sea. This group contains whales, porpoises, and dolphins. Dolphins are the most well-known species, the loveable scamps of the ocean. Dolphins are famed for their intelligence and their desire to have fun; traits most people can relate to. They are mammals too, so a little more closely related to us than fish. But as charismatic species they aren’t great role models.

I know I’m anthropomorphizing, but if dolphins were humans a lot of their behaviour would get them tough gaol sentences. I prefer great white sharks, at least with them you know that the best way to get close is in a steel cage. Tuna would be a better choice too, maybe hunting them is a dolphin’s way of dealing with the competition.

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