Over the Line?

The UN have proclaimed June 8th as world ocean day, and with good reason. The oceans are a vital part of world ecosystem, there would be no life on earth without them. 20% of species on Earth could be found at sea, and as a carbon sink they could play a pivotal role in mitigating climate change.

Probably the most famous group of marine and freshwater animals is the Cetaceans; the mammals who went back to life at sea. This group contains whales, porpoises, and dolphins. Dolphins are the most well-known species, the loveable scamps of the ocean. Dolphins are famed for their intelligence and their desire to have fun; traits most people can relate to. They are mammals too, so a little more closely related to us than fish. But as charismatic species they aren’t great role models.

I know I’m anthropomorphizing, but if dolphins were humans a lot of their behaviour would get them tough gaol sentences. I prefer great white sharks, at least with them you know that the best way to get close is in a steel cage. Tuna would be a better choice too, maybe hunting them is a dolphin’s way of dealing with the competition.

How long will greening last?

In Ireland, summer is taking its first tentative steps, little cold and wet are the prevailing characteristics of the climate. However, this year the transition from an indoor tonight or lifestyle dosing little more significant than usual.

               This year many people have started to focus more on their natural environment, both in their local area and around the planet. Many governments around the globe have strengthened their environmental policies and are increasing investment to tackle climate change.

               Many governments have focused on such ideas before when their economy is strong, only to fall back on bolstering GDP when economic growth again inevitably dwindles. Such is the way of boom and bust. As Governments around the world bolster plans to invest in renewable energy sources, electric vehicles and implement wildlife recovery plans this time feels different.

               The change now is being drive by social awareness, more people recognize the power of the environment to improve their quality of life, even when unexpected economic difficulties abound.

A New Shore

It’s been a busy few months for me – I’ve been reading a book and adding another, writing stories and generally doing all things a writer needs to do. I finished a course on fiction writing yesterday where the tutor talked about setting time aside to concentrate on important things.

               With that in mind I’ve decided that I should spend more time working on my blog and website. I’ve spent a lot of time reading for other projects recently, but I have found it difficult to find the time to post on my blog. I’ve been doing the very rapidly thing of procrastinating, lockdown restrictions are eased in the UK it feels like the right time to end my procrastinating.

               Other projects can take a back seat during the time I’ve set aside.

Is 2020 worse than Hitler?

Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, World War 1, European colonialism; the list of people and things anyone can criticize is short. But 2020 is now on that list. It seems unfair, 2020 never did anything wrong. 2020 probably dislikes the coronavirus as much as anybody and is unlikely to have been consulted in any restrictive protocols. A year only exists to approximate the time it takes the earth to revolve around the sun and 2020 did that. It can’t be held responsible for what happens on Earth’s surface. Should probably blame 1942 for the Second World War too.